03/28/2020 - Good evening church family!  

I pray that everyone is doing well this evening.

This will be the third Sunday that we cannot meet together at the church house.

Although we cannot meet together again this Sunday, we can still offer praise and worship to our wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  There are many examples in the Bible that we can find of individuals worshipping the Lord when alone or isolated during a crisis time in their lives.   Here are a few:

*David worshipping when he was "on the run" for his life from Saul.

*Jacob worshipping in the desert on his way back home, not knowing how his brother would receive him.

*Paul and Silas worshipping while confined in a dungeon.

*John, when he was exiled and isolated on the Isle of Patmos.

No matter where we happen to be, when the circumstances are such that we are forced to be separated in our worship, we are bound together as a forever family by the powerful, overcoming blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Like the words of the song we have sung together:

"One goal, one vision, one voice to praise you; We are the Body of Christ.

And to this we give our lives, to see You glorified; one heart, one spirit, one voice to praise You; We are the Body of Christ."

It is good to know that you are doing the weekly Bible Study I have been sending out by email.   Continue to work on memorizing Psalms 91.

This week I am hoping that I will be able to have my sermon for Palm Sunday also uploaded on the website for next Sunday. 

No matter where we are, remember, The Best is Yet to Come for the Child of God!  

Sing!, Pray, Rejoice! Worship Him in Spirit and in Truth!

Pastor Chris
First Baptist Church of DeBary




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